W&H receives Environmental Management Award 2022 from BMK

The medical technology company W&H is pushing ahead with its environmental management in all projects with full vigour to achieve the company’s ecological and sustainable goals. This dedication has now been recognised by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK) with the Environmental Management Award in the category “Best Measure – Environmental and Climate Protection”.

As an international manufacturer of medical technology products, W&H has major responsibility for a healthy society and a healthy environment. With the expansion of Plant II, the company actively promotes climate and environmental protection through state-of-the-art processes, as well as resource-saving production and manufacturing procedures.

“As a sustainable family business, W&H relies on durable and environmentally friendly solutions in order to make a positive contribution,” emphasised Herbert Traschwandtner, managing director of Operations.

W&H’s commitment to environmental management has now been honoured by the BMK as “Best Measure – Environmental and Climate Protection”. The company won the prestigious award with the upgrading and expanding of resource-saving processes, optimised closed loop recycling management, and a sustainable energy concept.

Regenerative systems for the future

Hundred percent of the metal shavings produced at W&H are recycled after being separated by type using an intelligent collection system. The regenerative system extends the resources’ life cycle, thus minimising waste. On the roof of the production plant, more than 1800PV modules with an output of 536kWp generate climate-neutral electricity.

In addition, environmentally friendly temperature control is ensured by establishing particularly efficient heat/cold controls systems that operate via heat pumps. Rejected thermal energy is used to heat the production and manufacturing halls. Cooling is provided by concrete core activation. Furthermore, shortened transport routes in logistics ensure reduced energy and fuel consumption.

“We are very pleased that our expansion and the measures implemented by W&H have been honoured and handed over the Environmental Management Award. This strengthens our efforts and gives us momentum for future projects,” said Pamela Polanetz, Sustainability manager, on behalf of the entire W&H environmental management team.