W&H Sterilization in Brusaporto, Italy, celebrates its production of 100,000 sterilisers

W&H Sterilization in Brusaporto, Italy, has reached a milestone of producing 100,000 sterilisers. These sterilisers ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety and fit in every workflow. This achievement is now celebrated with the W&H community on social media alongside an exclusive competition where the winner will receive a W&H steriliser of their choice.

Italian innovation

Brusaporto is W&H’s know-how centre for sterilisers. An experienced 120-strong team guarantees excellent quality and compliance with medical device standards and only high-end devices with the best properties make it to the market. A steriliser leaves the factory every eight minutes and is delivered all around the world – now for the 100,000 times.

W&H Sterilization has been manufacturing medical devices since 1999. The best-selling steriliser is without a doubt Lisa – the result of Italian passion and the first B type steriliser on the market. Lisa has become a real stand out product over the past two decades. With its innovative functionalities, it meets the highest medical standards and fits in seamlessly in every hygiene workflow. The Lisa has now been backed up by a range of other devices such as the Lara, Lina, Lyla and Lexa sterilisers for different practice requirements.