Whip Mix announces partnership with Prima Digital

Whip Mix announced its partnership with Prima Digital, a part of Prima Dental Group and a large global dental bur manufacturer of milling tools used for dental restorations. Prima tools represent another curated component of Whip Mix’s premier collection of products selected to provide a complete restorative and digital workflow to the clinical and lab space: 3Shape intraoral scanners and design software, Asiga printers, Whip Mix printers, post-processing equipment and Roland mills. The Whip Mix vision of bringing workflow built on industry-known brands to the dental category is fostered by Whip Mix CEO, Anne Steinbock.

Steinbock has been working in the family dental manufacturing business for more than 35 years. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, US, Whip Mix has adapted and adjusted to meet the needs of the dental industry since opening its doors in 1919. Whip Mix serves the international dental community with offices in Kentucky, Colorado, and Germany.

She took the CEO reigns from her brother, Allen Steinbock, in 2020. “This leadership shift gave me oversight to help set our Whip Mix business strategy, our business direction and help enhance our culture,” Anne said. “Internally and externally, we live by our proven process called A.S.I.S.T., which stands for: assess, solve, implement, support and teach. This process helps create a connection with our company that produces trust, loyalty and peace of mind both inside and outside Whip Mix.”

During the past nine years, Whip Mix saw adjustments in its product offerings and its approach to the markets it serves.

“We have seen how the increased adoption of intraoral scanners, 3D printing and AI software has reduced the process steps and wait time,” Anne said. “Innovation and adaptation have always been an integral part to Whip Mix’s business approach to serve our industry.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forced manufacturers like Whip Mix to pivot and adjust to meet the needs of its customers and employees. Currently, Whip Mix still operates in a hybrid work environment, with team members engaging in planning, marketing and business development from remote offices. Whip Mix also uses versatility to deploy relevant technology to keep its dentist and lab clients productive.

“The advances in technology across the dental spectrum have improved efficiencies in communications and workflow between clinicians and technicians,” she added, as the outlook for dental laboratories is positive, so long as the labs adapt and innovate to maintain a competitive edge.

“To remain competitive, dental laboratories need to focus on providing high-quality, personalised services that meet the needs of both dentists and patients,” said Steinbock. “This includes investing in digital technologies and continuing education to stay up to date with the developments in the industry.”