Wirobond 280® – The Non-Precious Premium Alloy

Wirobond® 280 is an alloy from BEGO that has been tried and tested for more than ten years and is suitable for metal-to-ceramic work as per ISO 9693-1 or for composite veneering. Its biological compatibility is confirmed with a biocertificate.

Boasting a Vickers hardness of 280 HV10, the nickel and beryllium-free alloy is particularly easy for dental technicians to finish. In addition, the interplay of the elements chrome, molybdenum and tungsten makes the alloy extremely corrosion-resistant and guarantees a wide range of indications, thanks to high strength in all span sizes. The optimised coefficient of thermal expansion ensures that no prolonged cooling is necessary even with large spans, which translates to additional time savings.

Moreover, the premium alloy Wirobond 280® boasts excellent melting and casting properties, allowing easy casting point recognition. These aspects simplify work for the dental technician. Wirobond® 280 also offers a secure bond to ceramic, which facilitates high-quality veneering. Its biological compatibility, which is guaranteed by the formation of a firmly adhering passive layer, has been confirmed by an independent institute. This provides security for dental technicians, dentists and patients alike.

The low thermal conductivity also protects the pulp, which ensures high wearing comfort for the patient. All in all, it presents perfect conditions for a reliable, cost-efficient and high-quality dental restoration.