Workflows made easy: Renfert at IDS

Since 1925, Renfert has provided innovative and intelligent solutions to dentists and dental technicians all around the world. Headquartered in Germany, with qualified retailers in more than 120 countries, the company has their fingers in every slice of the global pie. More recently, the company has dived into the Asia-Pacific region and its rising demand for cutting-edge solutions. Recognising the diverse needs of the region, Renfert has stepped up to offer a suite of services and products to suit every demand. 

Jeanette Giesche, sales director Asia-Pacific of Renfert (right) at IDS 2023

“We have a lot of different customers regions in APAC,” shared Jeannette Giesche, sales director Asia-Pacific of Renfert. “We have high-price regions like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand; but we also have price-sensitive regions like China, India and Malaysia. At the same time, there is a significant population of Korean and Chinese customers who are looking for a good price. Hence, the challenge is to balance quality and price, and keeping both attractive enough so they will keep investing in our products.”

Giesche’s insightful knowledge of the region’s markets is attributed to her moving to Taiwan a few years ago. With that, it could be said that she has had a front row seat in witnessing APAC’s growth and changing demand for different services. Specifically, she pointed out the differences in customer care in competing brands in Asia, and how Renfert aimed to fill in the gap for after-sales service through a regional hotline:

“We are now gearing up our after-sales service for APAC. It has become our SOP (standard operating procedure) to cover the inquiries from our end customers within one working day, especially in the language they speak.”

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