Workshop For Women In Dental Technology To Be Hosted In Berlin

Dentistry and dental technology are becoming more female. The number of female dentists and dental technicians has increased steadily during the past few years. Women usually have a different understanding of aesthetics than their male colleagues, and this also manifests itself in their approach to the design of dental restorations. This is exactly where the workshop for advanced dental technicians held by Kim Lucka, CDT, from Speyer, will take off. Building on the zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate Celtra Press for restorations with perfect aesthetics, Ms. Lucka will demonstrate the fascination of the Celtra light play and the perfect surface of the material and share tips and tricks on how to achieve the best possible results. Celtra Press helps dental technicians to get as close to nature as possible.

This advanced training course was specially designed for female dental technicians. So it would seem only logical that on the second day of the workshop, Ms. Grit Müller, a coach for personal growth, will show participants how successful women have gone about developing their personality. This workshop will be a very special experience revolving around the aesthetics of fixed restorations, that no woman active in dental technology should miss.

Workshop leader: Ms. Kim Lucka, Speyer, Germany

Date: 7th-8th September 2018 (Fri/Sat), 9 AM – 5 PM

Venue: Trainings-Zentrum Ästhetik Center

           Wendenschloßstraße 340

           12557 Berlin