Xiaomi launches Mijia F400, portable dental water flosser

Chinese consumer electronic company Xiaomi has announced the launch a new portable dental water flosser, the Mijia F400.

Mijia F400
(Image: Xiaomi)

The Mijia F400 features a central water column to clean teeth gaps and a surrounding circular water curtain to clean the gum triangle area, increasing the cleaning area by seven times. According to the company, this technology provides a cloud-like flossing sensation known as its Cloud Sensation Umbrella Jet Water Flossing Technology for a more comfortable and thorough cleaning experience with 40% increased softness.

The water flosser provides 1,700 pulses per minute which is said to remove 99% of dental plaque while minimising gum irritation. The Mijia F400 offers four flossing modes: gentle, standard, strong, and massage. The gentle mode is suitable for beginners, while the standard mode is meant for daily cleaning. The strong mode is designed to tackle stubborn residue, and the massage mode is ideal for sensitive gums.

The F400 also comes with three nozzles: cloud sensation multi-effect, standard, and orthodontic. The cloud sensation nozzle is designed for gentle cleaning, the Standard nozzle is for deep cleaning, and the orthodontic nozzle is suitable for users with braces.

Another key feature of the Mijia F400 is its battery life. According to Xiaomi, it can last up to 100 days on a single charge and the water tank holds 200ml for a single cleaning session.

Moreover, the flosser is lightweight, portable, and designed for convenience with nozzle storage on the body and a switch key for instant start and stop. It also includes a gravity ball that absorbs water from multiple angles, allowing smooth water ejection and supporting flossing from various angles.

The Xiaomi Mijia F400 is available in three colors: cloud sensation white, mint green, and coral pink.

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