Zenyum expands oral care line with Invisible Whitening Strips

Smile Cosmetics Brand, Zenyum, continues its next phase of oral care innovation with the launch of ZenyumBright Invisible Whitening Strips – an on-the-go, fast-dissolving whitening strip now available in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The new convenient strips are a discreet whitening option for those with demanding schedules, dissolving in just 15-20 minutes. The no-rinse formula allows users to reduce teeth stains on-the-go.

Available in packs of 14 and 28, customers can use the strips twice daily throughout their application. This latest addition to the Zenyum family aims to make teeth whitening accessible for all, following through on the brand’s mission to make Asia smile more.

“Since the successful launch of the ZenyumSonic Toothbrush in 2020, Zenyum has continuously expanded its market share in the fast-growing consumer dental segment in South East Asia. Our range of innovative Smile Cosmetics ranks from Invisible Braces that straighten your teeth to all-natural ingredients toothpastes and water flossers. Within the last three months alone, we released three new product lines, which will be available in our retail partner stores as well as our digital distribution channels across our nine markets in Asia,” said Julian Artopé, founder & CEO of Zenyum.

The need for ‘gentle’ teeth whitening is more than ever

Last year, the global teeth whitening market size was estimated at US$5bn and saw its largest growth in Asia-Pacific1. Beyond functional hygiene, oral care has evolved to a standard of beauty and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, 50% of people who undergo whitening treatments experience sensitivity2. This is why ZenyumBright Invisible Whitening Strips are specially formulated with the Tri-Action ZenWhite Technology. The peroxide-free and enamel-safe formula reduce harshness caused by traditional whitening treatments, which makes it suitable for users with sensitive teeth concerns. 

On-the-go teeth whitening without the mess and sensitivity3, ZenyumBright Invisible Whitening Strips are available for purchase on the Zenyum website and app, Lazada, Shopee, and selected Guardian and Cold Storage outlets (Singapore).

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3Based on third party Tooth Enamel Safety Study run in accordance with ISO28399 in Jan 2020 in the UK