Zest Dental Solutions launches new and improved Bulk EZ PLUS Bulk Fill Composite

Unlimited depth of cure, no microleakage, more applications make BULK EZ PLUS the bulk fill composite of choice

Zest Dental Solutions, the manufacturer of the Zest LOCATOR® Family of Abutment Systems, including the Zest LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System, and provider of dental materials and small equipment, has released Bulk EZ PLUS, a dual-cure, bulk fill composite that gives clinicians the versatility to fill large voids without layering. Bulk EZ PLUS builds on the success of the original Bulk EZ formula with enhanced performance and added benefits.

Bulk EZ PLUS takes the original formula to the next level. Utilising the same Intellitek Technology for unlimited cure depth and microleakage prevention as its predecessor while still requiring no primers or activators, Bulk EZ PLUS now incorporates 80nm spherical zirconia fillers. This new filler technology enhances the aesthetics with better shade-matching and polishability, and ensures greater wear resistance. The ability to use the composite in one step, without layering or capping, saves time and optimises efficiency.

Handling has also been fine-tuned, allowing clinicians to do more than just posterior restorations in less time, including crown fabrication, core build-ups, and post cementation. Bulk EZ PLUS offers results unlike any other composite from top to bottom.

“Bulk EZ PLUS is one of the crowning jewels in our materials line,” said Tom Stratton, Zest Dental Solutions CEO. “We are known around the globe as the creators of the LOCATOR attachment system, but we offer so much more, including game-changing, world-class advanced materials like Bulk EZ PLUS that are critical components in driving successful clinical restorations. If you liked the original Bulk EZ, and so many do, you are going to absolutely love Bulk EZ PLUS.”