Zimmer Biomet and NYU College of Dentistry announce the 11th Global Implantology Week

The 11-year collaboration between Zimmer Biomet and the NYU College of Dentistry has allowed them to produce some of the most innovative and revolutionary topics presented in the field of dental implant therapy.

The virtual event, happening on 15-19 March 2021, is structured to give practitioners clarity of vision on complex cases and insight into what the future will hold within the industry. Speakers include Dr Sascha Jovanovic, Dr Christian Coachman, Dr Dennis Tarnow, Dr Marco Ronda, and Dr Daniel Edelhoff.

Each speaker’s presentation will be translated into multiple languages. All sessions will be available to view on-demand two hours after each speaker’s session concludes, and available through 19 April 2021.

Exhibitors will be live two hours before and one hour after each of the speakers. Vendor reps will be online to showcase new products and upcoming technology, as well as to answer inquiries.

Interested participants may visit this link for more information.