Zirconia restoration turned into a workflow set by Busch

Busch’s new zirconia workflow set

Busch has launched a new zirconia workflow set which includes a new two-in-one polisher for pre-sintered zirconia, and the all-ceramic Kera cutters.

According to the dental tools manufacturer, the set can be used in five steps:

Step 1: Processing the pre-sintered zirconia prior to final sintering using the all-ceramic Kera cutters for separating, cleaning and structuring. And, for coarse and fine polishing using the newly developed two-in-one polisher with a combined fine (white) and medium (grey) working part.

Step 2: Initial grinding over large areas of the sintered restoration, such as thinning crown margins and correcting the shape with the pink abrasive tools, interspersed with diamonds. Due to the innovative synthetic bond these abrasives can be used without water cooling, thus preventing disruptive spray formation.

Step 3: Ziramant diamond instruments, with their special mix of grit sizes — green or black for coarse grit, and red or red for fine grit — can be used to make delicate corrections on the sintered zirconia.

Step 4: Two-step polishing of the sintered restoration using zirconia polishers, interspersed with high amounts of diamonds. The final result is equivalent to glaze firing and can thus replace an additional firing step.

Step 5: Using the diamond polishing paste, the restoration can then be given a glossy finish.

The set features an application-based selection of instruments. Another advantage is that it is easy to tell apart the instruments for processing pre-sintered zirconia blanks, which are white, all-ceramic instruments and two-in-one polishers, and all other instruments for processing the sintered restoration.