Benco Dental to offer Zyris products

Zyris’s Isolite system, which Benco Dental will offer to their customers

Benco Dental, a US-based distributor of dental supplies, equipment, consulting and equipment services, has announced that it will now be selling the Zyris line of products, including the all-in-one dental isolation system Isolite.

Zyris products are said to be a whole mouth system for isolation, illumination, and suction, according to a press release from Benco Dental. Zyris products will now be available from Benco Dental, as well as being on display at Benco Dental’s technology showroom in Pennsylvania, US.

Benco found that the Zyris line of products aligned with their goal to provide the best solutions for dental professionals, according to Wendy Miller, Benco Dental’s director of consumables merchandising.

“Benco Dental is committed to helping customers practise smarter, safer, and more efficiently,” Miller said in the press release. “Zyris Isolite systems are perfectly suited for the challenges dental practices are facing most often today. We’re excited to offer our valued customers a solution that allows for faster procedures at a time when that’s more important than ever.”