Ultradent releases new lenses for its VALO Grand curing light

Six new lenses for VALO Grand curing light which provides optimal care

Ultradent Products has introduced six new lenses for its VALO Grand curing light, which uses a multi-wavelength LED for producing high-intensity light.

The lenses make it possible for clinicians to use the curing light “in increasingly nuanced ways to provide optimal care for their patients,” according to the company’s press release.

The new curing lenses include the PointCure lens that creates a 2.5mm diameter curing area to aid in position and tack curing, and the ProxiCure ball lens that holds matrix against contact while curing composite for Class II restorations.

The Interproximal lens provides a focused 1mm white light to help view interproximal caries, and the TransLume lens aids in the detection of cracks and defects in a tooth or prostheses. The Black Light lens fluoresces chemicals in various dental materials, lastly, and the White Light lens provides a pure natural light for accurate shade matching.